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Conifur Northwest cancelled for good; assets given to All Fur Fun

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All Fur Fun registration director KieferSkunk has stated what many suspected - that long-running furry convention Conifur Northwest has been permanently cancelled due to a lack of further interest from lead organizers Flinthoof and Tibo. According to KieferSkunk,

" All Fur Fun received a generous donation from Conifur staff - basically all of their art-show panels, their registration desk, tons of supplies, a bunch of old equipment ... In the process, we got word from Canaan and Tibo that Conifur has been cancelled for good - they're tired of running it.[1] "

Flinthoof and Tibo have been named as sponsors of All Fur Fun in return for their donation, along with a few as-yet unnamed Conifur staff.[1][2]

Conifur NorthWest 2006 canceled

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Due to unforseen circumstances, Conifur NW has been canceled for 2006. The previous year's hotel has been torn down, a hotel they considered using as a replacement was also recently torn down. Many other hotels in the area are either going through ownership changes, or remodeling changes, or otherwise not fitting for the convention. This unfortunately leaves them with not enough time to plan for a location to hold the convention.

More info available at

Conifur Northwest 2005 Photoshoot pictures are now online

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After taking far too long to process and post them, I've finally gotten the pictures from the ConiFur Northwest 2005 Photoshoot finished.

You can find them here:

Sorry for the delay!

Comments or questions about the photoshoot are always welcome. You can reach me at .

Conifur Dealer List

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Conifur is almost upon us in just a couple of weeks and now is the time to make those final preparations.

Registration closed on October 1st, so if you didn't register by then, you'll have to stand in line with the tens of thousands of other furry fans that we know will be coming... okay, hundreds, but you have to dream, right?

Our Dealers Den is nearly 100% full with 52 of 56 tables claimed. Those last few are being held for tentative reservations, so if you absolutely need a table and you're not on the list, email us at

And just who is on that list? Why I'm glad you asked- you can put your hand down now. Here's the list of who is who for Conifur 2005!

Conifur Northwest update

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Two deadlines for Conifur Northwest are coming up, both on October first:

+ The preregistration deadline. Save a few bucks! If you tried to preregister online earlier this month and encountered problems, the problem has been fixed.

+ The deadline for con book contributions. If you tried emailing a trib earlier this month and it bounced, that problem has been fixed too. Read more for details.

Conifur Northwest con book looking for art and stories

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The Conifur Northwest 2005 con book is looking for G- and PG-rated art and stories relating to conventions, Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, Nootka, and this year's theme, Halloween. Read more for details!

ConiFur Wants YOU!

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We've received a decent response to our informal requests for assistance for Conifur 2005. We do indeed need help for we've had several retirements in our staff and need new blood, new ideas, new strong backs to help shoulder the burdens. While we always need generalized help during the event, we especially need help in Registration (Registration Lead, staffers, etc), Events (organizing events to fill space available), Dance, Charity Auction/Fundraiser, Security, Gaming and more. If you want to update your job resume, participating in a nonprofit organization like Conifur can really help out for it shows outside activities that deal with managing a trade show environment. Job skills learned in helping to run a convention can and do apply directly to many jobs in the real world. Here's a break down:

Newspaper story on Conifur

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The News Tribune has printed an article complete with a color picture from the Saturday fursuit parade. The online version can be found at here.

Conifur NW 2004 Is Nearly Here

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Remember that Conifur NW 2004 is September 24, 25, and 26 this year at the Tacoma Sheraton in Tacoma, WA. The pre-registration deadline is Friday, September 10, so make sure to register yourself if you have not already!

Click Read More for more information, links, and reminders.

Conifur July Newsletter

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Conifur Northwest is Sept 24-26 in Tacoma, Washington. You can register now here. Also, through the miracle of the internet, you can reserve your hotel room for the convention on-line here.

It's not too late to pre-order your Conifur Northwest 2004 t-shirt! Designed by Guest of Honor, Chad Krueger, (your can see the design at the Conifur homepage default color is a black shirt with the 2004 design in white on the front.

Remember To Register For Conifur NW 2004

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If you have not done so yet, be sure to register for Conifur NW 2004.

Conifur announces Guests of Honor!

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Conifur Northwest is proud to announce our Guests of Honor for 2004! Our Artist Guest of Honor is the incredible Chad Krueger. Our Writer/Publisher/Editor Guest of Honor is the fabulous Edd Vick.

Conifur hotel deadline extended!

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The Conifur convention hotel has been gracious enough to extend the deadline to reserve a room for the convention at the discounted rate of only $99 (that's less than half the regular price!). They've extended the deadline one week to Sept. 11. If you thought you had missed your chance, there is still a little more time. Don't delay!

Also, the Dealer's Den pre-reg coordinator has asked me to assure people that there are still some tables available. Also, some people who have reserved their table haven't yet paid for it. If you've reserved a table, you must pay for it by the pre-registration deadline (Sept. 12), or you may lose it. You can register and/or pay on-line at the dealer's page.

Don't miss Uncle Kage at Conifur

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Time is running out to reserve your hotel room for Conifur at the discounted rate of only $99 (that's less than half the regular price!). Don't delay! Because you don't want to miss Uncle Kage's Story Hour.

That's right, Conifur is proud to announce that Uncle Kage is bringing his incomparable desertations on his life, the universe, and everything, to the great northwest! Sharp-eyed observers noticed last week the appearance of "Uncle Kage's Story Hour" on the preliminary event schedule. It isn't a mirage! It isn't a cruel joke. No, he's going to take the stage and regale us with his tales of adventure. Or maybe he'll just rant about some of the funnier clueless people he's had to deal with. Either way, it's sure to be a good time!

Time running out for Conifur hotel reservations

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There are less than two weeks left to reserve your hotel room for Conifur Northwest at the discounted rate. Convention attendees who reserve their rooms by September 4 will pay only $99 per night. If you don't reserve your room by that date, the hotel will charge you $199 per night (for the small rooms). If. like most attendees, you stay for three nights, that could cost you $300 more than the discounted rate. Don't delay! Call Sheraton Tacoma/Tacoma Convention Center at (800) 325-3535, and reserve your room for Conifur today! Mention Conifur to get the discounted room rate.