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Conifur hotel deadline extended!

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The Conifur convention hotel has been gracious enough to extend the deadline to reserve a room for the convention at the discounted rate of only $99 (that's less than half the regular price!). They've extended the deadline one week to Sept. 11. If you thought you had missed your chance, there is still a little more time. Don't delay!

Also, the Dealer's Den pre-reg coordinator has asked me to assure people that there are still some tables available. Also, some people who have reserved their table haven't yet paid for it. If you've reserved a table, you must pay for it by the pre-registration deadline (Sept. 12), or you may lose it. You can register and/or pay on-line at the dealer's page.

Note: Click "Read more..." for the full announcement.

To reserve your hotel room, call Sheraton Tacoma/Tacoma Convention Center at (800) 325-3535, and reserve your room for Conifur today! Mention Conifur Northwest to get the discounted room rate. If you want to try to find someone to share a room we have two solutions for you. You can join the Conifur Northwest Chat List and post your plea for room or riding sharing. Go to to sign up. Or you can join the Puget Sound Furry Guild mailing list, hosted by Conifur, and post your message there. Just click to sign up!

There are only eight days remaining to pre-register for Conifur Northwest at the low price of $40! Pre-registration must be received by September 12. You can register for the convention on-line at Conifur Northwest is September 26-28, at the Tacoma Convention Center, in Tacoma, Washington. This year’s guests are “Grrrwolf,” artist extraordinarie, and Chuck Melville, artist, author, and editor.

Don't forget to reserve your hotel room. Hotel rooms must be reserved by September 4 to get the discounted rate (that date is set by the hotel, we can't move it!) You can reserve your hotel room at the Sheraton Tacoma/Tacoma Convention Center at (800) 325-3535. Don't forget to mention Conifur to get the discounted room rate!

Gene Breshears,
Publications Coordinator, Conifur Northwest


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