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Midwest FurFest's Dealers Den policy prohibits fan art, causes fan concerns

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Last Sunday, Canadian furry artist Nayel-ie brought to Twitter concerns about Midwest FurFest's rules for dealers, which state:

Midwest Furry Fandom Inc. prohibits the sale or offer for sale at Midwest FurFest of items that reproduce third parties’ intellectual property without the express written permission from the owner.
Prohibited are included but not limited to:

Unlicensed depictions of characters appearing in third parties' movies, TV shows, books, sound recordings, still images, sculptures or any other media. No fan art; no counterfeit goods.

Furry Network's commission system - bringing the dealer's den home

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FurryNetwork.jpgBack in November 2015, Fur Affinity lost control of its forums. The dramatic departure of forum moderators caused an exodus of users to the up-and-coming Furry Network. This furry art site is owned by Varka, an entrepreneur better-known for his business of adult toy manufacture, Bad Dragon, then for online endeavors.

But coming into the furry art site operation with real world business experience, the toy maker and the staff of Furry Network have the potential to make a marketplace unlike anything currently offered by the slew of social art sites. In December 2015, they put forth their idea: a site that would help alleviate the fraud and hassle that furry artists run into when taking commissions from strangers on the Internet, by acting as the intermediary between artist and consumer.

This March, Furry Network made its big first step in the direction toward this goal. Their site’s commission system opened, to a handful of pre-selected artists, to test out the features. Users could request commissions directly on the page, and all status and interaction would then take place on the site. This story reviews my experience with the new system, and how it could change everything about the furry economy as we know it.

Update (Apr 10): The site will now be identified as "Furry Network" rather than "Bad Dragon" on billing statements.

Further Confusion dealers room applications open May 1st

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Though it is a month later than normal, Further Confusion will be opening Dealer Table Sales on Sunday May 1st. We deeply apologize for the delay and any inconveniences it may cause.

Table prices are $120 for a Full table with one Convention Membership, or $75 for a Half table with one Convention Membership, same as last year.

FC 2010 Dealer's room - unofficial statistics

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I've always been curious about what the variety of things for sale in the dealer's room at furry conventions are, so at FC 2010 I decided to get some rough numbers. I probably made some mistakes along the way, but I think it's generally reliable. It should not be assumed to apply for any other conventions except this one, this year.

FC2008 Dealer Room Applications

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It's DEALER ROOM time!

That wonderful time is here. It's SPRING! Easter is just around the corner and we are firmly into the year of the pig.

So, if you want a table in the Further Confusion 2008, head over to the Further Confusion website ( and to the dealers page. Download the form found linked at the bottom of the page (PDF format only), and print it out. Then fill it out, make out a check for the proper amount and then drop it into the mail NO EARLIER than SUNDAY APRIL 1st, 2007. (If you mail it earlier, you get disqualified, so that date IS important, no fooling.)

Prices this year are no different than they were last year, namely $100 for a full table and $65 for a half table. About the only major change from last year is that we are now charging a small fee for getting you wired up for electricity. That fee is $5. (So $105 for a full table with electricity, and $70 for a half table with electricity.)

Conifur Dealer List

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Conifur is almost upon us in just a couple of weeks and now is the time to make those final preparations.

Registration closed on October 1st, so if you didn't register by then, you'll have to stand in line with the tens of thousands of other furry fans that we know will be coming... okay, hundreds, but you have to dream, right?

Our Dealers Den is nearly 100% full with 52 of 56 tables claimed. Those last few are being held for tentative reservations, so if you absolutely need a table and you're not on the list, email us at

And just who is on that list? Why I'm glad you asked- you can put your hand down now. Here's the list of who is who for Conifur 2005!

Conifur Northwest Dealer's Den Updated

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Please check the latest map here. This is the location that will be updated as changes occur. Thank you!

ConiFur 2002 Dealers Den

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In 2001, ConiFur NorthWest had 48 tables.

Then we lost the hotel and had to find a new home. Now we are at the Sheraton Tacoma.

We have 64 tables in the new space.

They are very nearly SOLD OUT.

What does this mean for you? It means we have only a couple of tables left and those may be going fast. Now is the time to check out our updated Dealer's Room Map. Please be patient while the entire graphic loads. It is a large map, but then again, it's a large room we are in this year. All the confirmed dealers have been placed as best we are able to do accounting for their requests.

If you have any immediate concerns or issues, please contact us immediately at:


-Flinthoof Ponypal
-Dan Canaan
-ConiFur NorthWest

ConFurence Artist and Dealers mailings late, but on the way

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The ConFurence Group is *this* close to having the long-awaited Dealers' info packets and Artists' information forms ready to mail out, along with the latest Progress Report to let you know how our next convention, ConFurence 2002 is coming along.

We have been busily updating our address database and stuffing envelopes for the last two weeks, and are just about ready to drop them all in the mail (probably on Saturday 1/12).

Midwest FurFest Dealer Information Available...

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Information about the rates, accomodations and guidelines for persons interested in purchasing space in the dealer's room at Midwest FurFest has been made available online. All the necessary information can be found on the Dealer's Information Page. The necessary forms (the Dealer Application, Registration Form and Dealer Agreement) are available online in PDF and MSWord formats. The convention does request that any dealer-related correspondence be mailed to and not the main MFF mailing address.