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ConFurence Artist and Dealers mailings late, but on the way

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The ConFurence Group is *this* close to having the long-awaited Dealers' info packets and Artists' information forms ready to mail out, along with the latest Progress Report to let you know how our next convention, ConFurence 2002 is coming along.

We have been busily updating our address database and stuffing envelopes for the last two weeks, and are just about ready to drop them all in the mail (probably on Saturday 1/12).

If you can't wait, we have posted some of the major forms online in Adobe PDF format. Visit the following links to read the info, or to print them out early:

ConFurence 2002 Pre-registration Form:

ConFurence 2002 Progress Report:

ConFurence Dealer's Info: (Dealer's Room, Artists Alley)

ConFurence Dealer's Registration Form:

The rest will be mailing out shortly. If you think that we might not have your current address, please send a message to or to with your mailing address and we will be sure that you get the appropriate information packet.

-Darrel L. Exline

Director / Owner

The ConFurence Group


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

All the ConFurence mailings are now in the mail. (*Whew!*)

Over 350 Artist and Dealer's information packets in 9x12 envelopes.

Over 500 additional progress report packets to other current members (members of CF11 or CF12) and to people who have requested info.

If you don't receive one in the mail in the coming week, look for us at Further Confusion (we don't have a table, but there will be a party on Saturday night, and we will have flyers with more current information floating around). International mailings may take a bit longer to arrive.

--Darrel L. Exline

ConFurence will again be at the Burbank Hilton, April 25-27, 2003.  Visit for more details on this and other events being hosted by The ConFurence Group.

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