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Video: Sci-Fi Channel visits ConFurence 4 (1993)

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What happens when the Sci-Fi Channel visited ConFurence 4 in 1993? Some surprisingly positive media coverage. Archive copy provided by the household of the Prancing Skiltaire.


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Ah, memories, memories! How many of the fans who were not named can be identified? Michael-Scot McMurry, Tim Fay, "Dusty" Rhoades, Ed Kline & Kishma Morales (in costume as Jim Groat's Equine the Uncivilized and Red Shetland), Jerry Shaw, I think Scudder Kidwell in the unicorn costume ... Thanks, Prancing Skiltaire, for making this bit of Furry history available to all of us.

Fred Patten

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Memories can now be easily shared with everyone, thanks to the Internet. (It helps to have a duet partner, though!)

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cool :) I was meaning to post this last week and asked Spotti (the uploader) to say more about it, but he wasn't able to respond.

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My take away from this? NEVER interview the con-com on Sunday of the convention... Goddess, I sound like a Dalek on low battery...

Rod O'Riley

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Oh, and by the way, I'll mention it here: January 2014 will mark the 25th anniversary of the first furry fandom convention, ConFurence Zero.

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Well, I'll be...

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The mustaches. It all makes 20 years ago seem even longer ago.

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Now I'm rockin' the 'staaaaaash (I'm rockin' the 'stash...)

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