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ConiFur 2002 Dealers Den

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In 2001, ConiFur NorthWest had 48 tables.

Then we lost the hotel and had to find a new home. Now we are at the Sheraton Tacoma.

We have 64 tables in the new space.

They are very nearly SOLD OUT.

What does this mean for you? It means we have only a couple of tables left and those may be going fast. Now is the time to check out our updated Dealer's Room Map. Please be patient while the entire graphic loads. It is a large map, but then again, it's a large room we are in this year. All the confirmed dealers have been placed as best we are able to do accounting for their requests.

If you have any immediate concerns or issues, please contact us immediately at:


-Flinthoof Ponypal
-Dan Canaan
-ConiFur NorthWest


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