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Further Confusion dealers room applications open May 1st

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Though it is a month later than normal, Further Confusion will be opening Dealer Table Sales on Sunday May 1st. We deeply apologize for the delay and any inconveniences it may cause.

Table prices are $120 for a Full table with one Convention Membership, or $75 for a Half table with one Convention Membership, same as last year.

Second tables will be offered to 5 persons that purchase Full tables and indicate on their forms that they wish to be contacted about second tables. If offered a second table, that second table will cost an additional $130 and come with one additional Convention Membership.

Applications this year will be done 90% online. You will be sending in a form that the system will direct you to print out at the end of the application process. This form will be in PDF format. So make sure your browser can handle PDFs, and that you can either print directly, or can save the PDF out to print later. You can test your browser for this capability by trying to read the Dealer Room Rules found on this page. If you can read and print (or save them for later printing) them, then you will be able to do the same at the end of the application process.

Please visit starting at 12:00am May 1st, where the link to the online application system will be available, as well as other important information.


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