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FC2008 Dealer Room Applications

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It's DEALER ROOM time!

That wonderful time is here. It's SPRING! Easter is just around the corner and we are firmly into the year of the pig.

So, if you want a table in the Further Confusion 2008, head over to the Further Confusion website ( and to the dealers page. Download the form found linked at the bottom of the page (PDF format only), and print it out. Then fill it out, make out a check for the proper amount and then drop it into the mail NO EARLIER than SUNDAY APRIL 1st, 2007. (If you mail it earlier, you get disqualified, so that date IS important, no fooling.)

Prices this year are no different than they were last year, namely $100 for a full table and $65 for a half table. About the only major change from last year is that we are now charging a small fee for getting you wired up for electricity. That fee is $5. (So $105 for a full table with electricity, and $70 for a half table with electricity.)

Tables will be sold in a first-sent-first-served order based on the POSTMARK listed on the letter that indicates when the letter was sent. (Again, letters postmarked prior to April 1st, 2007, will be disqualified.)

And yes, we know April 1st, 2007 is a Sunday. There are some rare post offices in the US that are open on Sunday, and the postal service has put automated machines in almost all their stations that will sell you stamps and a postmarked sticker with April 1st, 2007 on it if you go in there Sunday.

However, for those of you that can NOT make it to a post office Sunday and fear being left out of the big rush, never fear. We will be considering all letters Postmarked April 1st, 2007 AND April 2nd, 2007 as being Postmarked on the same day, for purposes of getting a spot in the Dealer Room first.

Now, some of you may be tempted to use Express Mail or UPS Red Label or Fed-Ex Next Day Express. Please, save your money! It's the date that you SEND the application that matters, NOT the date we receive it. And this is because we will not be opening ANY of the letters until April 10th, 2007.

And for the curious, there are 85 Full Tables, and 20 half tables going on sale.

For those of you that wish to buy memberships for your assistants at the same time as you buy the table (which comes with a single membership, built in), there is another form to download and print out and send in with your application. Read said form for more information.

As always, the dealers page on the Further Confusion website has more information, and you can always write to with any questions you might have.

Karl Maurer
Further Confusion 2008
Dealer Room Manager


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