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All Fur Fun

All Fur Fun plans one-day event in 2010

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All Fur Fun

Spokane convention All Fur Fun may hold a one-day event this year, according to event organizers Tora Kiyoshi and Moorcat.

The con served almost 200 attendees last year, but fell into debt after several setbacks, including a chandelier accident.

To make matters worse, the US Olympic figure skating tryouts were held in Spokane this year, disrupting hotel bookings.

Current plans are for a one-day event on 15 May, including an art show, after which attendees can participate in the Spokane Lilac Festival Torchlight Parade before returning to the hotel for a party. A full weekend event is expected for 2011.

In related news, proposed Arizonan convention Phoenix Furness looks to be no more, as inquiries on its journal go without official answer.

Conifur Northwest cancelled for good; assets given to All Fur Fun

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All Fur Fun registration director KieferSkunk has stated what many suspected - that long-running furry convention Conifur Northwest has been permanently cancelled due to a lack of further interest from lead organizers Flinthoof and Tibo. According to KieferSkunk,

" All Fur Fun received a generous donation from Conifur staff - basically all of their art-show panels, their registration desk, tons of supplies, a bunch of old equipment ... In the process, we got word from Canaan and Tibo that Conifur has been cancelled for good - they're tired of running it.[1] "

Flinthoof and Tibo have been named as sponsors of All Fur Fun in return for their donation, along with a few as-yet unnamed Conifur staff.[1][2]