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All Fur Fun plans one-day event in 2010

Edited as of Thu 4 Feb 2010 - 00:56
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All Fur Fun

Spokane convention All Fur Fun may hold a one-day event this year, according to event organizers Tora Kiyoshi and Moorcat.

The con served almost 200 attendees last year, but fell into debt after several setbacks, including a chandelier accident.

To make matters worse, the US Olympic figure skating tryouts were held in Spokane this year, disrupting hotel bookings.

Current plans are for a one-day event on 15 May, including an art show, after which attendees can participate in the Spokane Lilac Festival Torchlight Parade before returning to the hotel for a party. A full weekend event is expected for 2011.

In related news, proposed Arizonan convention Phoenix Furness looks to be no more, as inquiries on its journal go without official answer.


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Something does not add up. How does US Olympic figure skating tryout in January disrupt an event in May. The chandelier accident probably was teh deal killer. I remember Gene at eh Chirman /Board panel at Rainfurrest mention have to smooth things out between teh hotel and AFF.

Ether way I think AFF is on life support and perhaps time to all it a day.

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In the thread, Tora Kiyoshi states that hotels were booked "through November". I can only guess that it had a lasting effect, perhaps due to deferring all the bookings that would regularly occur during that period.

Even a small rise in price could make it uneconomical to hold, especially for an event that's on the brink already.

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As a former staff member of AFF, I can say the con is no more. Though I cannot say what truly happened since my participation was quite small, for that was being the talent show director. But none the less, AFF has floated away.

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I was wondering about that I noted the website has not charged for ages and a now con popping up in Boise in 2012.

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Looks like Dilly is also claiming that the con is no more. [tip: RayneVanDunem]

Moorcat still appears somewhat hopeful, but it's clear that it'd need a complete reboot - both in terms of money and staff.

It's sad, as they were picked as successor to ConiFur Northwest's assets only a few years ago.

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I struck me as hasty calling All Fur Fun a replacement for ConFur North West especially in the light of Rainfurrest. One problem is Spokane is not a good convention city( my impression of Spokane during AFF 2008). Pehaps the need just to stick to a local Furmeet. Moorcat need to let go.

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