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ZonieCon returns to Tucson for 2011

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It's true! ZonieCon will be returning for at least one more go, from September 30–October 2.

The Hotel Tucson (part of the 'Innsuites Boutique' line), secured for the weekend, is newly-remodeled with excellent services at surprisingly low rates — a King or Double Queen for just $69/night, including airport shuttle service, Wi-Fi and hot breakfast with Belgian waffles! The hotel shuttle can take you to the Tucson Mall or local restaurants at no extra charge.

This year our Guests of Honor are Steve Addlesee, Kjartan Arnorsson (Karno), and Mitch Beiro.

The Three Amigos are all amazing artists in their own right, and they'll be holding forth on such things as inking workshops and how to write for comedy. And not only will Steve be cooking up chili for you, but you can enter a raffle to cut off his semi-legendary ponytail!

But it wouldn't be ZonieCon without the wilder and woolier events we became known for a whole decade ago!

Yes, we'll be doing the Saturday Morning Machinegun Shoot once again, overseen by Rangemasters Ted Sheppard (writer/artist of 'Stosstruppe' and 'Rossweisse') and Wolf Smith. Wolf will also be running the "Ice Cream Anti-Social" again, holding court with his personal brand of amusing snark and smartarsery. Let's also not forget the "Meat Meet", where you can get your burger on — and all of this is included with your convention membership (except ammunition).

Another unusual event: '1-2-3-4, I Declare NERF War!' takes over the Copper Ballroom in a run-whatcha-brung free-for-all! If you're tired of all those conventions that take a dim view of Nerfery in their halls — come to ZonieCon and let the foam fly!

More standard convention fare will be found at the Video Room, ConSuite, Art Show, and various Panels of course. For now, further information can be obtained at and we are expecting our main website to be complete by the end of this month.

Be advised that, while we in Arizona are very supportive of firearms rights, we do not tolerate unsafe handling of weapons. Unless using the range, or legitimately defending oneself, we expect firearms to be holstered or otherwise properly stored at all times.


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Scott Malcomson here, Chairman of ZonieCon. My apologies, but it turns out we're going to have to cancel. The details are available at for those interested.

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I'm sorry to hear that, Scott - but better that it was done now than five months down the line.

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