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Confurance Group and ZonieCon

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Darrell Exline posted the following on "Well, we're still working out the logistical details, but The ConFurence Group can now say that we have THREE (yes, *three*!) furry conventions to brag about.

Adding to our existing "ConFurence" each April (Southern California) and
"CritterConDiego" in July (San Diego), The ConFurence Group is proud to announce that it is now also an organizational part of "ZonieCon" (Tucson, Arizona) in October.

This is something I've been discussing with some of the staff members of
ZonieCon since last October's convention (ZonieCon 3) and I believe that it is a good fit within the goal of The ConFurence Group. Our exact position within ZonieCon's staff is still being nailed down, but is likely to be limited to handling pre-registration, structuring the business model, and helping to organize the convention running process.

The ConFurence Group's mission statement has always been "To promote
anthropomorphic fandom related events" and helping to host ZoniCon certainly fits the bill.

Watch our website at for more de-tails as they develop"


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There's been a few hearty souls (Karl
Maurer and DeWayne Stewart come to mind)
who have put in the time and financial
assistance to run multiple conventions.



even running just one convention
financially, in terms of energy,
mentally, and socially. I wish all of
the Confurence Group the best when they
help to run three different conventions.
I could never do it.

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He's certainly a braver man than I...Working Midwest FurFest is enough con responsibility for me. While I will occaisionally volunteer at other conventions I attend, I can't imagine being integrally involved in the planning of three...!

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Hiya, Wolf here again...

Zoniecon is autonomous. We are not being run by Confurance group. We maintain our own leadership and events planning staff. We are merely forming a partnership with CF as a mutual benefit to fandom at large. Be of good cheer! It's only gonna get better from here on out.....

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My biggest concern with having one umbrella group covering lots of

cons is that they can grow to the point of ruining the cons involved.

I'm sure everyone has a story about a "professionally" run con in SF

that was, to be polite, less than fun and more than expensive. I

don't believe that is Darrell's intent, bringing in ZonieCon,

but one day Darrell may hand over the reins to someone else --

someone who views conventions as nothing but a way to make money.

Three conventions isn't a terrible thing, but I may have objections

if it continues to expand to cover any more than that.

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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