ZonieCon announces Lisa Jennings as GOH

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ZonieCon, Arizona's own furry convention, announces a recent addition to their Guest lineup.

Lisa Jennings (aka: Micole the Ermine) will be ZC's guest at our next convention, October 19-21 in Tucson, Arizona.

ZonieCon offers a unique southwestern flair to furry fandom by including a combination of events that are only possible in this region. The programming list includes spelunking storm drains for furry graffiti, launching model rockets, our annual visit to the Pima Air Museum, and of course, the desert furry shoot-em-up where you get to blow away the most obnoxious and nauseating of characters (Barney, Smurfs, etc.) out on the range.

(Where else would you be able to destroy a teletubby doll with a 50 calibre machine gun?)

Additional ZonieCon details are available online at http://www.zoniecon.org


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

I've worked with Lisa Jennings, both in Furrymuck and in conventions, and she is a treat.

She is a very talented artist, a very hard-working person, and she's an awful lot of fun. Intelligent and creative, Lisa has been involved in furry fandom for many, many years.

ZonieCon is in for a real treat!

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