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McMurry Memorial

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From Scott Malcomson on "ZonieCon will launch a new program in October, awarding an engraved plaque on an annual basis to a notable person within the fandom for Conspicuous Integrity. Bearing Mike's name and Zonie's likeness, it will serve in some way to help keep alive his memory and his spirit, while also serving to recognize those worthies in the fandom who manage to achieve the difficult task of earning their spurs without selling their ideals."

Now part of the ConFurence Group (along with CF and CritterConDiego),
ZonieCon plans to coordinate ceremonies as follows: judging and initial
announcements will occur at ZonieCon each October. Confirmation and
presentation will occur at the following ConFurence, assuming Darrell Exline is willing and able to host it.

The first award, for 2001, will posthumously honor Michael-Scot McMurry,
Deal Whitley, and Mark Wallace --- all of whom have records in the fandom
beyond impeachment. This first award will, hopefully, be the only
posthumous one ever given.

In future, anyone may be nominated by anyone to receive the award, so long
as the nominee has played a substantial role in advancing the
anthropomorphic arts while maintaining integrity. Nominators must submit a
one-page letter summarizing the nominee's relevant achievements. No one may
nominate themselves.

Judging will occur in two stages: first, a panel will examine the nominees
and select three via deliberation and vote. Panelists will be comprised of
all Convention Chairs which choose to attend, whether part of the ConFurence
Group or not, augmented by representatives of anthropomorphic publishers
which choose to attend. "Publisher" is defined as any registered business
which produces at least one anthropomorphic publication per year, with a
minimum annual distribution of 500 copies. Secondly, the three finalists
will be voted on by all attendees of ZonieCon to arrive at a single honoree.

These rules are subject to change pending ratification by the involved

Scott Malcomson

Chairman, ZonieCon


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