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McMurry Memorial

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From Scott Malcomson on "ZonieCon will launch a new program in October, awarding an engraved plaque on an annual basis to a notable person within the fandom for Conspicuous Integrity. Bearing Mike's name and Zonie's likeness, it will serve in some way to help keep alive his memory and his spirit, while also serving to recognize those worthies in the fandom who manage to achieve the difficult task of earning their spurs without selling their ideals."

Michael-Scot McMurry Has Passed Away

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4 am Wednesday the 4th of April,Phoenix Arizona. With his father in attendance Michael Scot McMurry died.

Michael Scott McMurry in Coma

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Michael Scott McMurry, longtime furry fan and founder of ZonieCon was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. Despite an aggressive treatment, he is currently in a coma, and is not expected to recover. The following update was recieved through Mel. White via the Curtis family.

Shanda Fantasy Arts premieres new comics at Further Confusion

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Mike Curtis of Shanda Fantasy Arts announced the following titles will debut at FC: Katmandu Annual 2, Supermegatopia Special #1, SFA Spotlight: Women in Fur, and Last Kiss.

In the Zone, a comic published to raise funds to assist Michael-Scot McMurry with medical expenses related to his recent illness, will also be available at SFA's dealer table. According to Mr. Curtis, no part of the purchase price for this comic is retained by SFA, 100% of the proceeds go directly to Mr. McMurry.

Color character designs from Shanda's upcoming revival of Atomic Mouse will be available for viewing at the table.