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Michael Scott McMurry in Coma

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Michael Scott McMurry, longtime furry fan and founder of ZonieCon was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. Despite an aggressive treatment, he is currently in a coma, and is not expected to recover. The following update was recieved through Mel. White via the Curtis family.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 19:01:28 -0500
From: Mike & Carole Curtis
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From: "Kjartan ArnÛrsson"
To: "Mike & Carole Curtis"
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 5:01 PM
Subject: Re: McMurry.

> Hi -
> You've probably already heard this, but just in case....
> On Friday Marty and I left town with our kids for a previously planned
> trip. We left Mike in the very capable hands of his friend Judy
> Worley. Judy moved into our home with Mike on Friday, but by Saturday
> she became concerned with his condition and called the Hospice nurse.
> Mike's nurse came to the house immediately and determined that he needed
> to be in their in-patient care unit. A Hospice van then came to the
> house and transported Mike to Hospice of the Valley's care unit adjacent
> to Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix. The address to the unit is: 901
> E. Willetta, Phoenix, AZ The phone number is 602-223-3130 and Mike is
> in room 2305.
> Mike's parents have been at the Hospice unit all weekend with him, as
> has Judy and another friend. We arrived home this afternoon, and Marty
> rushed down there as soon as he could. Unfortunately Mike's condition
> is not good. He's on massive amounts of pain medication and he is very
> weak. Marty's gut feeling is that Mike will not be leaving the Hospice
> unit. We do not have any idea how much longer he will be with us, but
> to look at him one can only think that it won't be long.
> I am so sorry to pass along this sad news, but so many of you have asked
> to be kept informed. It is really a blessing to us to know that Mike is
> so well loved by his friends.
> Please network this information to any of Mike's other friends who are
> not listed in the "to" area of this e-mail. Unfortunately Marty and I
> don't have everyone's addresses. Again, please call us if you have any
> questions.
> Celia McMurry
> Forwarded by

We have since heard from the family and Mike is now in a coma and not
expected to recover. The family is planning a wake, and Steve Corbett is
also trying to organize something at Confurence.

Take care

Mike and Carole


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My prayers go out to Mike, his family, and his dear friends in this time of trial. I'll keep out hope for a good ending, whatever that turns out to be...

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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You can update your news. McMurry passed away at 4 AM, PST.


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