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Michael-Scot McMurry Has Passed Away

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4 am Wednesday the 4th of April,Phoenix Arizona. With his father in attendance Michael Scot McMurry died.

Obituary follows. Damn.

Michael-Scot had been in a coma for nearly 4 days. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer
last year and managed to beat the odds far longer than even medical professionals could have guessed.
Michael-Scot has donated his body to science, no doubt to further cancer research. Such is the way of this fine unselfish man who became a well loved participant of furryfandom as soon as he joined it over a decade ago. He was the creator of Zonie Coyote, one of the most popular of his numerous creations, who became the mascot of ZONIECON in Tucson Arizona. Plans are in motion for both a memorial award and a memorial collection of his ever popular doodles and finished drawings.

In life there are those that represent the milestone, the achievement, the victory.
Those who add so much to our existance we cannot fathom their importance.
Their strength of character, humour and insight are immeasurable.

Michael Scot is one of these milestones.

And though we bid farewell to a life, a part of own own, we know that the part of him that was our freind is not gone atall, but merely set free from the confines of our frail form, not away from us but inside of us, to dwell in our hearts and memeories forever. And while we say goodbye to the tangible aspect of our beloved we welcome the spirit that adds to us, as he did when he was alive. And we are whole.

Condolences may be sent to the McMurry family at
7355 East Garfield Scottsdale Az. 85257


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