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Anthrocon Hotel May Be Sold Out

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From our favorite convention chair cockroach, Kagemushi on "I have had a number of reports this evening that the Adams Mark has sold out. THESE ARE RUMORS which at the moment I can neither confirm nor deny. There are one of three explanations." Read on for more. I will endeavor to post updates when more information is available. Update: 6-12 5:30 pm According to Rigel, the Adams Mark has indeed completely sold out. Information on an overflow hotel will be availble at Anthrocon's website shortly.

1) The hotel was contacted outside of normal business hours, in which
case the caller was sent directly to the National reservation number,
which will *always* screw up the information.

2) The caller reached the hotel when the in-house registration folks were
busy, and after the 4th ring, the call was automatically forwarded to the
National reservation number, which as previously mentioned *always* screws up
the information.

3) The hotel may really be sold out.

At this time I have no way to check, and neither will I until morning. Once I
have information, I will make an immediate announcement, either
saying nasty things about the hotel's National Reservation system, or to
inform everyone of the alternative lodging arrangements.

On a side note, I would like to remind everyone that the $95 room rate is a
special rate that was negotiated to benefit Anthrocon members. The room
rate for people who are not members of the convention starts at $159. A
few folks have rather glibly told me lately that they have every intention
of going, but they won't be purchasing memberships with the convention
since they "just want to go and see some friends."

I understand that and think that it is a lovely thing to want to get
together with friends. Unfortunately, the very act of bringing those
friends together has cost Anthrocon a tremendous investment in cash. Our
primary source of that cash is our membership fee. Without it, we could
not afford to hold these gatherings. Thus, even if you do not intend to
take part in any Anthrocon events or functions, by simply attending the
gathering you are benefiting from the hard work and dedication of a large
group of volunteers who are counting on their chairman to see to it that
the convention remains financially solvent. Please consider that without
the money raised from membership fees, Anthrocon and all of the other
gatherings would cease to exist.

-- Uncle Kage

(PS: Those who still wish to attend without purchasing memberships are free
to do so, of course. But do be advised that the hotel frowns on those who
reserve rooms at group discounts under false pretenses.)


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