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Furry! anthology now in bookstores

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Furry!: The World's Best Anthropomorphic Fiction, edited by Fred Patten, 445 pages, $12.99 (a retitled new edition of the 2003 book Best in Show), was published by iBooks on February 9.  It is on sale in bookstores throughout North America ... but maybe not where in the bookstores it would be expected. 

iBooks has packaged it as a General Fiction/Literature release, not a SF/Fantasy release, so it may not be on the SF/Fantasy shelves where fans usually browse.  Unlike most books, the Furry! entry does not include a cover picture, and is alphabetized under the name of the first author in the anthology rather than the editor's name.  If you cannot find it where you would expect to at your bookstore, ask a clerk where it is rather than assuming that they do not have it.


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