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Official Anthrocon Overflow Hotel

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From Kagemushi on "I have signed a contract with a hotel to accept our overflow!

The alternate hotel is the RADISSON TWELVE CAESARS hotel at 4200
City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131. It is about 2 blocks (less than 1/4
mile) up the road from the Adams Mark."


Single/double: $119
Triple/quad: $129

The 12 Ceasars is more expensive, but it has some features that make it
worthwhile, namely a FULL BREAKFAST BUFFET included in the price of
the room and the keenest statues of dead Italian guys outside.

To make your reservation, call 1-800-333-3333, and be sure to mention
Anthrocon. If you should encounter any difficulty making your reservation,
please try the hotel directly at 215-879-4000. Our rate is good for the
of July 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29th (Wednesday thru Sunday nights).

PLEASE NOTE: There are only a limited number of rooms available in this
block. *DO NOT WAIT*! Make your reservation soon before we fill this
one up, too.

My apologies for the minor inconvenience. I had never dreamed that
Anthrocon would grow so large in such a short period of time. Mind you, I
not complaining. I promise that Anthrocon's dedicated and selfless staff
continue to work dilligently to provide you with the most comfortable and
enjoyable convention experience possible.

-- Uncle Kage

PS: It has been reported that there was a brief period of time earlier this
that the Adams Mark registration computer forgot that we were supposed to
have the entirety of the remaining rooms in the hotel. A few people were
told that they could get a room but not at the Anthrocon rate. If you were
told this, please call the Adams Mark directly at 215-581-5000 and ask them
to give you the Anthrocon rate. If for some reason they cannot accomodate
you, please send me an email at ceo(at), mentioning your name
if you have it, your confirmation number.


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