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Greetings! Quentin 'Cubist' Long here to announce the latest issue of TSAT, that being #46. This time around, we've got an unusually high quantity of Things Of Interest To Furries...* Stories
THE ARTISAN (RUET winner,1st place): Kris Schnee's story of redemption -- or is it just "recycling"?
DUMPSTERS AND DRAGONS (RUET winner,2nd place): Michael Brenner shows one of the possible problems with losing oneself in one's work.
THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, chapter 2.1: The next installment of the TBP Round Robin Collective's mega-story! The SCABs who successfully defended their favorite bar against a lethal (and totally unprovoked) attack discover that no good deed goes unpunished...
RUNNING WILD: Duncan Cougar's and Quentin Long's TBP serial! It's Day 4 of a certain cheetah-morph's incarceration in an isolated Idaho compound. Those of you who have been following Jubatus' life and traumas will *not* want to miss *this* one.
THE SECOND KALANDAR'S TALE: This issue's classic is a selection from THE BOOK OF A THOUSAND NIGHTS AND A NIGHT, Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton's notorious 1884 translation of THE ARABIAN NIGHTS.

* Columns
DRAGON'S LAIR: Mike Brotzman reveals some secrets of how dragons manage to interact with the human world.

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