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TSAT update!

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TSAT #43, the seventh anniversary issue, is online for your reading pleasure. Furdom at large is likely to be most interested in this issue's TBP offerings, as well as the winning entries in Jaggers Pawtucket's RUET Writing Contest.* Stories
RUET First Place
- PIG BOAT, by Typhon Dreckschtinger: Underpaid; underequipped; under fire; and, just possibly, under a curse..?
RUET Second Place
- THE LUTRAIC PRINCIPLE, by Kris Schnee: Read Sunsplash's debut novel!
RUET Third Place
- THOSE WHOM THE MOAI SCARE, by Charles Matthias: It takes a certain degree of obsession to tackle a puzzle unsolved for hundreds of years.

* Serials
THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL, by the TBP Round Robin Collective: No matter how ugly bigotry gets, it can always be worse... (first installment of many to come)
RUNNING WILD, Day 3: CAT'S EYE OPENING, by Duncan Cougar and Quentin Long: More of Jubatus' third day at the Idaho compound of SCAB counselor Cougar -- culminating in a revelation which may surprise you. (continuing serial)

YOU'RE A GOOD FRIEND, by Oren the Otter: Looking like an animal doesn't mean you have to act that way... (TSA-Talk Oldie)
THE GOLDEN ASS, by Lucius Apuleius: Hard luck doesn't come any harder than the unwanted result of a miscast spell. (TSAT Classic)

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