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The last issue of TSAT!

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Hello again. This is Quentin 'Cubist' Long here, notifying you of the final TSAT update, that being #48. Yes, "final", as in "#48 is the final issue". As per usual, we've got a few items that might be of some interest to the furry community. First, we have Transwar. This is a Magic: The Gathering-like card game that revolves around transmuting oneself into favious animal forms. As well, we've got a trio of TBP stories: The next installments of Downward Spiral (by the TBP Round Robin Collective), in which all sides of the SCAB/human conflict prepare for the next battles, and Running Wild (by Duncan Cougar and Quentin Long), in which Jubatus is forced ever-closer to his breaking point; and the complete story Tlaloc's Curse (by Wolfshadow), in which secrets are joyfully revealed. We also have Bryan Derksen's Hallowe'en Cinderella, and Michael Bard's The Coyote and Road Runner Show. (mirror) (main) (TSAT Mall) (TSAT Forum)


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