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Yerf soliciting feedback

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From the Yerf News page, posted June 15th:

I'd like to ask for some feedback, please. I want to know what everybody expects, wants to see, wants me to do, etc..

To tell you the truth, I get very little to no feedback as it is!

So, if you like Yerf but would like to see some things change, email me.

If you like Yerf and don't want to see anything change, email me.

If you hate Yerf and want to see some things change, email me.

If you just want to say Yerf sucks and not care if anything changes, email me!

I'd seriously like some feedback so I can improve this place. That's what I've been wanting to do all along.
I'll post some of the feedback I get here at the end of the week (without names, of course). -Dingo

I stirred up a lot of emotion and debate with my article from February 2001, "Is Yerf all it claims to be?". I outlined several complaints about the archive as a whole, some specific, some more general. The discussions that cropped up because of the article on both the yerf.yap newsgroups and on the article's comment section showed that some folks agreed with me in whole, some agreed with me on certain points, and some vehemently disagreed. But outside of that one article, I never saw many opportunities for reviews or suggestions to be made to the Yerf administrative staff on what they could do to make Yerf a more interesting, pleasant-to-visit place.

Dingo has just changed that.

I for one am pleased to see this sort of action being taken by the Yerf admin. In my opinion a gallery cannot properly cater to its audiences if it doesn't have an understanding of what the audience desires to see. The onus now falls to the Furry crowd at large: everyone who utilizes Yerf -- both artist and "general viewer" alike -- need to take the time to send Dingo their thoughts. Comments, criticisms, suggestions... it should all go into email.

Dingo in particular deserves a great big round of applause for all the work he's done. He's shown that he is really commited to the growth and expansion of Yerf, and that he has an active interest in providing ways for this growth to occur. Between his frequent postings to the newsgroups, his calm, thought-out responses to my editorial and now this solicitation for feedback, Dingo has shown he wants to stay involved and help make Yerf a better place. So, when you're writing in with your suggestions or complaints, don't forget to tell Dingo how much you appreciate all his work!

So... now is your chance to help influence and shape one of the most well-known Furry art archives. Don't pass it up.


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You didn't stir up anything, Feren. Dingo has been hard at work for over a year now updating the back-end programming, and scripting part of Yerf. New features that he was planning before your article or even itself came around.
You're right, he doesn't get enough credit for what he does, but don't start patting yourself on the back for Yerf when Dingo is done his work.

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*chuckles* No, no.... I think I did stir up quite a bit of debate. Let's see... what were some of the more amusing lines? Ah, yes. "This kid obviously has a beef against Yerf -- I bet his app has been turned down at least three times," was a good one, since I've never drawn anything past a stick figure in my life, and most certainly never applied to Yerf. Another favorite of mine was "Who is a non-artist to criticize and artist's work?" which brought some interesting comments, from viewers and artists alike on the nature of art and art appreciation. So I think I will pat myself on the back for the editorial, because at least it caused people to stop and think about something for a moment. Whether they agreed with me or not, at least I called something into question and gave them pause to consider it.

To address your other point, where (when?) did I say I was at all able to lay claim to any of the programming or scripting on Yerf that Dingo has done? Never. Did I say I was the reason new features appeared? No. Did I say that I was the reason Dingo has opened this solicitation? Again, nope. I was just reporting it, and at the same time remarking on an editorial I'd written, as a way of giving readers a link to past materials, a little idea of what had happened, a sense of "backstory" if you will.

So, my advice to you is this: stop trying to read motives that aren't there into things I say.


"We use them for divine retribution."

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