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Important FC2007 Hotel News

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This year we have filled and expanded our room block so fast that the hotel has run out of some rooms. Please read below, and remember, always include the confirmation number and name on the reservation when contacting us. Send email to

  1. The hotel has completely run out of double-queen rooms, however we still have a few set aside on our party floor. If you need a double-queen and can bear the parties noise, make your reservation and email a request to These rooms will be given on a first come, first served basis. Specific party floor requests we've already received automatically get a party floor room (we will NOT be bumping party floor reservations), so no worries party hosts!
  2. In lieu of a double-queen, you can get a king room and, when you make your reservation with the hotel, request a roll-away bed. These are twin beds on rollers and cost $15/night. Hint: Ask for one with the thicker mattress. There is a limited supply to these so make sure they note it on your reservation.
  3. The hotel is now sold out on Tuesday 1/16, Wednesday 1/17, and Tuesday the 23rd of January. The hotel will no longer offer the con rate on those days. We can no longer obtain any more rooms at the con con rate for those days. Basically, they are sold out. You CAN still get the con rate on Thursday (almost sold out), Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. (Monday is almost sold out as well).
  4. Nearby hotels! We're right next to the San Jose airport so there are plenty of very close hotels to choose from. Please go to our overflow hotel page and see if you can get a better deal there if the Doubletree can't accommodate your needs.
  5. Room Sharing! If you only need to snag a room for one of the nights we are sold out on. We suggest using our handy RIDE/ROOM share forums for leads in that regard.

We apologize for the inconvience.


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