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FC2009 Announcement time! Theme! Hotel Reservations! Dealer's Room!

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I know that many of you have been anxiously waiting these, so here they are.

Our theme for 2009 will be Surf Safari! So, catch a wave and hang-ten off the shores of a Polynesian isle, or hit the beach and grab a mojito under the palm trees, listening to the call of tropical birds.

The reservations system will open for our block on April 2nd. You can find the rates on our hotel page, but we will not be putting up either the link to the online reservation system, or phone number and block code until we actually open.

Dealer's Room
Applications for the Dealer's Room will be accepted starting April 2nd. Please see the Dealer's Room page for the form as well as important instructions.

We're still working on revising a number of items for the website, such as the FAQ for the Hotel, as well as some of our policies. Keep watching our Forums, LiveJournal, and of course, our website for further updates and information.


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