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Rainbow Ark has a Shiny New Website!

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The official grand opening of is taking place right now, during Anthrocon '09.

We're queer, we're furry, and we're Christian. The LiveJournal known as rainbow_ark has been a support group and advocate for LGBT Christians in the furry fandom since February, 2004.

We also encourage dialog between the Christian and LGBT factions within the fandom who often resort to stereotyping each other for lack of understanding. Sometimes people can argue scripture till their blue in the muzzle, but it often accomplishes nothing unless they're ready to drop the rhetoric and start employing some golden rule.

The website facilitates us expanding farther than we ever could with the lj. We have an extensive repository for our testimonies. Very soon we'll have our own gallery of furry art, poetry, and music, and a photo record of our history. Our email is up and running where furs can enter 3 or 4 data fields to register and have their own web-based email they can view in 3 different online windows or configure to download to their own PC. There will be a graphical calendar for members listing member birthdays, and upcoming furry, Christian, and LGBT events. There's a guest book which is close to being implemented, and we're working on putting together our own chat. Among the features now available are a history timeline of how Rainbow Ark came about, a glossary of terms, and frequently asked questions among our guests. There's also a large future discussion forum planned with multiple topic sections.

Stop by periodically as the various systems come online, and feel free to take part.


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