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The average quality of Yerf art is:

Edited by Aureth
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12% (16 votes)
46% (60 votes)
34% (44 votes)
7% (9 votes)
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Very mediocre, some good, some bad still. And the new crop of artists were apparently solely let in for their cartoon style... which they haven't developed very well.

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Quite noticibly lower than it has been in the past. Many of the better artists on Yerf have noticed this too, and are making themselves scarce, leaving all these pseudo-manga types in their wake. Bleh!

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Better be glad you posted that anonymously. If you dare to show your name, the folks on yerf.yap will start making snide comments about how you've obviously been rejected or have some other "Deeper psychological issues" that made you think bad of the archive. All hail the great machine.

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I'm not anon and could care less. :P And I am on Yerf, but found it not that helpful, other than to boost my site hits by about 50-100 anytime I uploaded, which is why a lot of people use it.

Chatin/Tiffany Ross

The Cyantian Chronicles
Comics, stories and artwork for the adventurous sort.

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I disagree with that first comment. I'm new at Yerf and my style isn't

based off cartoons. ;)

But anyway, despite having "mediocre" artwork most of the time, it's

still the highest quality art archive. It may not meet all of its

criteria (this is the thing that Flayrah seemed to be irked about), but it's the highest quality nonetheless.

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