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Shaolin Soccar, DVD

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Just fyi, this isn't particularly furry, but it is funny, something I think most furs would enjoy. I didn't see any reviews and I figured I'd try my paw at one. I give it a 9 for the lack of furry content and this being a furry news site. Otherwise, its a 10.

Shaolin Soccar is brought to us by the same folks that created The God of Cookery. I regret to inform all that I did not at first want to watch this movie and was forced into it by a good friend of mine.. to him I say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

The movie is very simple to describe. Think of live action anime, with soccer!
Oookay, maybe not so easy..
We have a bunch of down and out Shao-lin monks, who were told by thier master to go and bring shao-lin kung-fu to the masses.
This is quite a job. The monks must come up with a viable way to expose millions to the wonders Kung-Fu, but the general public just isn't interested.
The movie is subtitled in english, so some may be turned off by this. My opinion is that it makes it just that much funnier. The movie is a complete riot and you will howl out loud throughout.
The thing that really sets this movie apart is the judicious use of CGI for various humor effects. Similar to The Mask in that the CGI effects are perfect in the context of the movie. In some scenes this creates something as over the top as Dragon Ball Z, in others one is reminded of The Matrix.

I loved this movie. Everything meshes well to provide for a hilarious event. If you don't enjoy this movie, then watch for me at the next con and I'll buy you a drink. Then after we're both good and drunk, we'll watch it again together, and we'll see if you still hate it. *grin*

P.S. If you're under drinking age, I'll buy you a sundae.



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