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Califur 4 gets mixed reviews

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A new hotel and the steampunk theme were the most noticeable things about Califur this year. Held May 15-18 at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine, California, the fifth Califur convention attracted 587 registered attendees.[1]

After con staff felt that they had outgrown the Holiday Inn, they arranged for Califur 4 to be held at the Hyatt Regency. Califur 4 did not come close to filling the event space in the hotel, as there was a wedding, a senior prom, and other events the same weekend.[2][3][4]

Hotel staff put up a black curtain to separate Califur areas from space being used by the other events, which annoyed some Califur attendees.[2][5][6] There were reports that non-Califur people, some possibly drunk, were disregarding the curtain and bothering Califur attendees.[7][8]

Some attendees felt that the convention was unwelcome at the hotel,[6][5][9] but most still admit that individual hotel staff were friendly or at least professionally polite.[10][2]

The tabletop gaming, video theater, and electronic gaming rooms, while not 24 hours, were open all during convention hours and generally got good reviews. [3][11]

Some attendees were dissatisfied that some panels seemed to have no lead or none that showed up.[9][12] The guests of honour this year were Keovi, Kitsumi and SteamFox, who each had their own panel.[13]

The Ice Cream Social, which usually consisted of bowls of ice cream, was replaced with ice cream bars, which left some attendees dissatisfied.[14][3]

The fursuit parade, which disappointed some seeing as it was mostly in the back areas of the hotel,[15][6][16] nevertheless consisted of approximately 43[17] fursuiters and was enjoyed by many attendees.

The pet auction raised around $600 for the convention charity with many 'pets',[18] but some found it to be "creepy"[15] or "just sad".[19]

The cabaret raised around $1500 for the convention charity,[18] and while it went a little long,[3] had positive reviews.[20][21]

The "Inventors' Feast" on Saturday was reported as being "very nice"[6]

The con book, while smaller size than typical convention books, got positive reviews.[22]

A subject of controversy among attendees was the filming for a documentary tentatively titled American Furry.[23] While many were upset as they felt they had been filmed without consent,[24][6] others were hopeful for positive exposure,[25][21] and the filmmaker stated that those who had not given their consent could opt out of the final product.[26]


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