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FurCon feels squeeze, mulls hotel move

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Further Confusion's attendance has almost doubled in the last five years

Bay Area convention Further Confusion is learning the price of success. Over 2000 fans attended in 2007, and organizers estimate that the current venue, the San Jose DoubleTree hotel, can only hold 2200-2300 - a number likely to be reached in next year's tenth anniversary.[1][2] Indeed, the hotel has already sold out of suites, executive-level, and accessible rooms.[3]

Further Confusion will return to the DoubleTree in 2008, but is seriously considering a larger host for future years. Advantages could include increased space for events, dealer's room and art show, nicer accommodation, and more dining options. However, several issues have been raised, including the likelihood of higher room rates and ancillary costs, and the need to choose a less convenient date.[4]

AAE board members have released a survey to help determine the convention's future fate, closing May 31st.

Some regulars fear that such a move will change the convention beyond recognition.[5] Others are just happy with the existing location's layout and atmosphere, and feel existing event space is sufficient.

" I want to continue going there for as long as possible. I do understand if you have outgrown it though.[6] "

The convention's situation mirrors that of Anthrocon, which began planning a move after a sharp rise in attendance at Anthrocon 2004. Their hand was forced by the demolition of the Adam's Mark hotel that November. Anthrocon 2005 was held in cramped conditions, leading to a move to Pittsburgh's David L. Lawrence Convention Center last year. Further Confusion does not believe their hotel will similarly abandon them; AAE director David Cooksey has said any such rumours "are untrue".[7]

Further Confusion was founded in January 1999 with attendance of 691, in response to an announcement at ConFurence 9 that ConFurence 10 (and subsequent ConFurences) would be held in a mid-April time-slot.


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