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RBW 2008 hits 100 registrations

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RBW 2008 co-chairman Foxberance is "excited"; three days after opening registration, over 100 tickets of varying levels have been sold. If 350 are sold, he promises to hire a bouncy castle.[1]

With over eight months to go, the convention is close to matching half of the 242 tickets sold for RBW 2007. This figure includes over twenty Platinum sponsor tickets at £150 (~US$300) each, which offer the holder: access to the hospitality suite; a free meal, signed print, and trip on the London Eye with the Guests of Honor; a T-shirt; express sign-in; and access to the traditional boat party.[2]

The first confirmed Guest of Honor for 2008 is popular fursuit maker Latin Vixen. A number of guests are yet to be announced, including at least two other Guests of Honor. RBW 2008 will have a number of other Guests and VIPs, including Timothy Albee and Fatkraken.[3]

Timothy will be talking about his time in Antarctica and the bond he formed with his pack of life-saving huskies, while Latin Vixen will be hosting a panel on fursuit construction.[4]

The Erasmus party boat.

2008 also sees the return of the popular boat party which started the event in 2006. Due to increased attendance estimates, RBW has had to yet again find a larger boat. The Erasmus is one of the largest pleasure boats on the River Thames and is expected to play host to 310 furs over it's three floors from 8PM until midnight on the Saturday of the convention. Other events include the fursuit Commonwealth Games, and a charity auction. Last year, RWB's auction raised £1331.23 (~US$2662) for its chosen charity.[5]


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