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Convention news for 1Q 2008

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Recent news from conventions near and far.


ConFuzzled - also known as the "fursuiters convention" because of it's extremely high percentage of fursuiters attending - has finally closed it's doors after selling all 144 tickets to the convention! This comes soon after the announcement of the first guest of honour at the con - Big Blue Fox; who will be holding a conference on good cinematography.

RBW News

London convention RBW has broken all expectations and sold it's first 100 tickets to it's 2008 convention in under three days. The convention, still in it's infancy in comparison to other cons around the world, has grown astoundingly - so much that co-organiser Foxberance has promised ot hire a bouncy castle if 350 tickets are sold - over 100 more than were available in 2007.

Fursuit makers Latin Vixen and Fatkracken, along with computer game designer (and furry) Timothy Albee, are this years guests of honour.

United, Eurofurence, Camp Feral Open Up to 2008

German furry con Eurofurence, New Jersian Fur Affinity: United and Canada based Feral! have all opened registration sales for their 2008 conventions. Each are known for drawing massive crowds of furries and usually sell out quickly, so get going!

Confusion at the Furry Weekend

Further Confusion and Furry Weekend Atlanta have both broken previous known convention records. Further Confusion stole away the fursuiters record from Anthrocon 2007 - however the exact number of suiters is disputed as being between 350 and 390, still likely to beat AC2007's record of 353. Eurofurence also beat it's previous attendance record, boasting a 12% increase of attendance since 2007. 2062 people attended in 2008.

Furry Weekend Atlanta has also broken attendance records - boasting a massive 37% increase of attendance and cementing it's place as the world's fourth largest furry convention.


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