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ConFuzzled donates £6,200 after £2,000 bid for tablecloth

Edited as of Thu 11 Nov 2010 - 10:05
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TaniDaReal's tablecloth art

UK furry convention ConFuzzled 2010 went out in style this weekend, raising £6,200 for the Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

The final auction item was a piece of tablecloth art by guest of honour TaniDaReal. Starting at £50, the price rose swiftly, fueled by a bidding war between ConFuzzled staff member Colifox and U.S. fur Beshon, ending only with the latter's bid of £2,000 (US$2,962).

The piece came from TaniDaReal's dealer's table, and was sold after selling everything else on the table.

Also of note was the right to feed big cats in a private reserve, won by Kivuli for £550 ($814). The reported auction total was £7,789 ($11,650) [Alex Grey/FurteanTimes], of which £5,248 was for charity.

In total, the convention raised £6,200 ($9,200). Those submitting works to the auction could choose the percentage going to charity – the tablecloth was 100%. Additional money was brought in from dealers table payments and charity-provided dealer goods.

The event attracted 346 furs from seventeen countries in its first year at a hotel, nearly double last year's total of 182.

ConFuzzled donated £1,610 in 2008 and £2,000 in 2009. In total, furry conventions raised nearly half a million dollars for charity over 2000-2009.

Update 2 (18 May): Added recalculation of charity totals from ConFuzzled treasurer Nall.


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I envy people who have that kind of money to spend on stuff. At least it's going to a good cause, though!

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I know some furries love animals, but really, paying 550£ to be fed to big cats is quite extremist.

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Sadly, it's not the first case in which furries have done silly things in order to be consumed by others.

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I'm lost, how did someone pay to be fed to big cats?

"Also of note was the right to feed big cats in a private reserve, won by Kivuli for £550 ($814)." Looks like to me they just wanted the chance to feed the cats, not be fed to them. Am I missing something here?

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I believe Issarlk was having a little fun with the ambiguity of the English language.

Would be a great funeral option, though!

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I missed the auction, I was talking and boozing, I think. XD
It's fun to think that all the people tweeting about the table cloth, caused two fail whales.

SDF of Blitzcoder

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I missed the auction because of sleeping and talking, but it was worth it to not know anything until I was in front of two dozen people attempting to guess the figure we sold the Tanicloth for. XD It was just a quiet little idea from Twll and the den after her table sold up; Matt and I asked the hotel, they said yes, nobody had any idea where this was going to lead...

A most epic convention. Although it was my first furcon, so I'm no expert. ^.^ Nonetheless; roll on 2011!

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