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London daily paper covers surge in animal costumers

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The London Evening Standard, a free daily newspaper, has run a piece on animal costumers.

Included in the coverage are kigurumi wearers and makers, local furs Lupus and Jackal, and professional animal costumer Alex Kovas – better known as "Humanimal". Mentioned in passing is local convention RBW and the regular LondonFur meets.

Like the recent Halifax article, the newspaper contacted furs beforehand; Lupus admitted to using the opportunity to "[give] them what we wanted to give them."


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GreenReaper, I noticed you left a comment at the bottom of the news article.

To add some anecdotal insight, for the county of Greater Manchester where I use to live, I've kept a count since 2008 of the furs who live in the area and current estimate is around a hundred, but though a collaborative pruning will happen later this year to reduce the inactive and those who have moved away. The figures are based on the people I knew at the meets as well as regularly scanning the UKFurs forum when people introduce themselves on the newbie section.

I check the newbie section often and what I have found is that there are A LOT of furs joining up who say they reside in Greater London county, compared to Greater Manchester which if I was to guess, averaged out at once a month. I dunno if someone has been keeping count of Greater London as I have for Greater Manchester, but based on perception they must have at least twice the active numbers. Near a thousand is a stretch though, probably a lot lower.

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Yeah. I was just a little offput at their assertion. I know London has a lot of people, but still. ConFuzzled draws people from across the country and beyond, so I'm not surprised the local group is smaller.

Of course you can't always judge a country's fans by its convention attendance - after all, RBW has been getting smaller, and the UK seems to have more of a "meet culture" anyway.

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