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Nova Scotia furs covered in 'Furs for the fun of it'

Edited as of Thu 13 Jan 2011 - 01:16
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Transcontinental Media's Halifax branch has posted an article on the local branch of the fandom.

The piece is based on an interview with Streaks, Air and Nexii, who state the artistic basis of the fandom, explain the appeal of fursuiting, and describe the local community:

"People have these assumptions," said Streaks. "Instead of 'Eww, it's a bunch of gross fur suit sex crazed people,' we want people to learn more about us and be able to say 'Oh, look. It's those fur-suited, creative, fun people."

Initial comments appear positive, with a non-fur mentioning a local bowling meet.

Read more: Preliminary discussion on the Nova Scotia Furs forum


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The article seemed pretty good, but did they /have/ to bring up CSI and fursuit sex?

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The CSI episode was mentioned in passing then we were asked to elaborate on it *facepalm*
The topic of sex was brought up, but no more than a moment was spent on it because that's not what anyone wanted to discuss.

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This was a great article!

And, fyi, per word count, this article makes more CSI references than that one...

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Thanks! Sorry, I can't seem to find more than just the one reference to CSI in the article. Care to explain?

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Sorry, i should have worded that better...

I was referring to the Flayrah article versus the Nova Scotia News one...

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I propose the "Furry Facepalm Factor" to rate such articles based on how long before sex, fetishes, etc. are mentioned. 10 for those mentioning it in the title or first paragraph, 0 for those that don't mention it at all. This article would rate about a 3.

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Welll, even then you have to be careful. The 2007 article in the Hartford Advocate started out like a trainwreck in that respect, and by the end had done a very humble 180-degree turn.

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If it weren't for CSI, I wouldn't be in the fandom. I was a furry long before CSI, but didn't know of the existance of the fandom until I saw "that episode". Now I print source for several fur cons and other furries, and have almost finished my fursuit. Good can come from even the most evil of sources sometimes. On a side note, I quit watching CSI.

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