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Nova Scotia

Groundhog Day: Shubenacadie Sam predicts early Spring for Nova Scotia

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It is February 2, the day celebrated in the United States and Canada as Groundhog Day. On this day, at several sites in both countries, local celebrations are had whilst groundhogs are observed in order to predict the weather of the next few weeks.

Nova Scotia furs covered in 'Furs for the fun of it'

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Transcontinental Media's Halifax branch has posted an article on the local branch of the fandom.

The piece is based on an interview with Streaks, Air and Nexii, who state the artistic basis of the fandom, explain the appeal of fursuiting, and describe the local community:

"People have these assumptions," said Streaks. "Instead of 'Eww, it's a bunch of gross fur suit sex crazed people,' we want people to learn more about us and be able to say 'Oh, look. It's those fur-suited, creative, fun people."

Initial comments appear positive, with a non-fur mentioning a local bowling meet.

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