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Help the Turtles!

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It's really difficult to post news about animals you can't help, so this morning I kept an eye out for 'Help Your Favorite Animal' type news. I found one in a newspaper: the storms in Florida have wiped out over 80 sea turtle nests, of the 99 that biologists were monitoring. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium allows you to adopt nests for $25, and they'll keep you updated on the health of your choice.

What about your favorite animal charities? Post some of them in the comments section, so we can all find a good cause. :)


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The Tiger Foundation.

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Carnivore Preservation Trust in Pittsboro, NC - lotsa big cats!

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Midwest FurFest this year is helping out Animals for Awareness, a rather small wildlife rehabilitation/animal education organization based in south suburban Chicagoland.

Of course, there are always, always animal shelters in need of help, often desperately.

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A variety, but FerretsAnon and NYC Ferrets are both dedicated to legalizing my favorite little animal in California and New York City respectivly. Each is getting closer to winning, and a few more people writting letters and signing petitions can make all the difference.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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