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Toumal offers balls to writers for endangered species erotica

Edited as of Thu 11 Mar 2010 - 12:25
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SoFurry is running an adult short story contest. The topic is endangered animals — specifically, tigers, rhinos and giant pandas.

Entries must prominently feature at least one of the selected species in a sexual situation, and preferably all three.

One story of roughly 2500 to 10,000 words may be entered per person; it must be submitted to the site with the keyword EnSpContest by March 20. The winner will receive a box of Austrian "Mirabell Mozardkugel" (chocolate and marzipan balls) from site admin Toumal.

The site previously ran a Valentine's Day competition, accepting tame and adult artwork in black, white, and red. The winning work was by Cyran.


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...I have no words.

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Then I guess you'll just have to wait for the next art competition.

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