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Furry author Michael Bard gravely ill

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Michael Bard (aka "Morgan"), noted furry author on the TSA-Talk mailing list and the fiction-website Shifti (user page), fursuiter, and staffer at Toronto's Furnal Equinox, has suffered devastating brain damage as the result of an aneurysm, stroke, or other yet-to-determined brain circulatory disorder last Friday, March 12.

He was at work at the time, and wasn't found for approximately four hours. As of today, March 15, he was disconnected from life support but continues to breathe on his own. The prognosis, however, remains poor.

I was last with Michael as recently as last Monday — he was suffering from the flu, but was very happy with how well Furnal Equinox's first con had gone and pleased to be with friends.

Shifti is keeping a news page updated with the latest, best info available as a public service. Comments are also welcome.

Editor's note: Michael also pens the column "Through the Looking Glass" [older issues] for Anthro, maintains the Tales from the Blind Pig archive, and was co-editor of TSAT.


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This is truly horrible news. :-/

Writing an article about Tales from the Blind Pig triggered my decision to start WikiFur. I might not have done it at all without Michael's archive. Who knows what else his work has inspired over the years?

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I regret to report that the doctors have found extensive and irreparable brain damage, to the extent that they've determined that no recovery is possible. As of today, all that's being administered are painkillers. Michael is being left to go in peace.

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