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World Tree in-character journal published

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Sythyry's Journal

Sythyry's Journal, originally posted on LiveJournal from 2002-2008, has been published as a 626-page book.

The journal ostensibly belongs to a young dragon-like Zi-Ri sorcerer, and documents zir adventures on the World Tree.

The work was written by World Tree RPG designer Bard Bloom, and edited by co-author & art director Vicki Borah Bloom.

Cover art is by Tod Willis, creator of Dracula and Ekwara and sketch artist for Crimson Flag.

See also: Flayrah's 2001 interview with World Tree's creators

Bard is currently working on Sythyry's Vacation, set 124 years later.

The Blooms previously published A Marriage of Insects, a novel about adventuring Herethroy in a troubled love triangle. Unofficial World Tree journals include The Journal of Stickseed, Chronicles of the Calamitous Cani and Mharreff's Journal.

Tod was one of the original World Tree illustrators, and said he "had a great time returning to this setting."


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Tod actually isn't the creator of Crimson Flag ... he does the pencil lineart, while Virmir does the inking, scripting and coloring. See the about page on!

I've known them both for a little while now, and I knew that thing about Tod doing the comic didn't sound right. >.>b Thanks for pointing this out though, it's interesting!

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Thanks for the correction!

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Welcome! Keep up the awesome!

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Neat work! I gonna check this book :) 600+ pages it's a great history

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Speaking of Tod Wills, he just recently completed a mural at a Bellingham restaurant (click on the image in the article).

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More on that – and let's not forget the icon days. Someone get that man a Guest of Honor invitation . . .

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Well, he *was* a GOH at FurFright 2009 (his favourite convention, apparently). Hopefully he will have other invitations in the future.

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Thanks very much for the roar-out!

BTW, Vicki Borah Bloom is the co-author of World Tree RPG. She was the art director 'cause I'm terrible at that, but she was right in there in the world design and detailed rule work and everything.


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I hope the current wording is more fitting. It's clear in the 2001 interview that you worked as a team.

I remember World Tree coming out – I was just getting into the fandom. It's neat to think it's still entertaining fans, almost a decade later.

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Thanks for fixing that! Vicki deserves a vast barrel of credit! I'm pretty pleased that it's survived this long, with people (yay, you!) still having fun with it.

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