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World Tree

World Tree in-character journal published

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Sythyry's Journal

Sythyry's Journal, originally posted on LiveJournal from 2002-2008, has been published as a 626-page book.

The journal ostensibly belongs to a young dragon-like Zi-Ri sorcerer, and documents zir adventures on the World Tree.

The work was written by World Tree RPG designer Bard Bloom, and edited by co-author & art director Vicki Borah Bloom.

Cover art is by Tod Willis, creator of Dracula and Ekwara and sketch artist for Crimson Flag.

See also: Flayrah's 2001 interview with World Tree's creators

Bard is currently working on Sythyry's Vacation, set 124 years later.

Review of Two Interactive Fiction Stories

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Strange Horizons has a review by Elizabeth Barrette of two interactive, fictional diaries. Both happen to be hosted on LiveJournal, and both happen to be of interest to fans of anthropormorphics. You can check out the two journals--Sythry's Journal and Flight of the Godkin Griffin--and read the review.

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Weekend Updates

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I added two book reviews from Jeff Eddy of Sofawolf Press. Check them out. Also, if you're an RPG fan, you really have no excuse not to pick up a copy of World Tree. I'm not an RPG fan, but the book has consumed most of my weekend. We had an interview with the creators not too long ago.

World Tree RPG

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This was posted earlier, but it's worth noting again after Further Confusion...Padwolf Publishing has released World Tree, a new furry roleplaying game. The website is at, and you can also read's interview with creators Bard Bloom and Vicki Borah-Bloom. Did anyone get a chance to play the demos at FC?

World Tree RPG Launch at Further Confusion

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The second furry role playing game has just come off the presses, and I hear will be launched at Further Confusion this month: World Tree. I've been playtesting this one (and did some illustrations for it), and it's really fascinating . . . an intricate setting with a logical magical system that actually has repercussions on daily life. An updated website should be ready for FC weekend, so be sure to check back then for order information and a glimpse at Mike Raabe's spectacular cover art. Talks with the World Tree RPG Creators

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Micah: I'm here with Bard Bloom and Vicki Borah Bloom, co-creators of the new roleplaying game, World Tree. Could you two tell us a little about it?

Vicki: Sure! The game takes place on a world which is a giant tree. Civilization has flourished on its branches. There are eight prime species who live on the tree, and who are the people whom players can play in the game. The world is full of magic -- even small children cast spells!

Bard: And it is a very civilized place, mostly -- like 18th century Earth in many ways, though aspects of society range from 13th to 23rd century. Except that it is on a tree's branches. The flat tops of the branches are civilized -- but the sides are not. The wilderness is never more than a few dozen miles away from the cities.