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What is your favorite furry RPG?

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Furry Pirates
2% (3 votes)
World Tree
6% (9 votes)
19% (28 votes)
Furry Outlaws
0% (0 votes)
Fuzzy Heros
1% (1 vote)
6% (9 votes)
Some other game
16% (23 votes)
I don't play RPGs
35% (51 votes)
14% (20 votes)
Votes: 144


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I've run custom campaigns in both AD&D and original D&D with furry races. Even if you don't want to build everything from scratch, there are number of pre-built furry races hidden in the Monster Manuals (just rig an advancement chart for levels, and you're done).

Other friends of mine do this as well, so it's probably quite common.

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Well, I did this and it didn't turned up as I planed. Mainly because the rules of AD&D didn't allow some modifications I wanted to do... but I desinged my own RPG (not the D20 one), amd now it's far more fun than the AD&D....

White Lion

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We pretty much just play AD&D and pretend we're furry. 'Course, we're not heavy gamers, and don't get into the whole race modifyers stuff... we just like to envision ourselves as furry. Nyah...

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Ironclaw is the only one I've gotten into at all, so my vote was pretty much a given.

Smile! The world could use another happy person.

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For myself, I've found the GURPS system very friendly for furry players. Their core book and the compendiums that go with it allow GM's to design just about any furry race their hearts could desire. Even if you are just running a fantasy-based game, their Fantasy Races book contains reptile men, intelligent horses, centaurs, winged folk and Great Eagles akin to Tolkien's. The system may take a bit of work but it's the most customizable that I've run across

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Personally I create RPG, and one of my current projects is CyberDragons RPG games. Personally I try to find RPG that have Furry races in it, or totally Furry RPG. But there is less and less RPG's with Furry races. The standart is human, elf, dwarf.... Damn I'm sick of it. If you add a little touch of Furryness in the RPG iy will be more intresting...

White lion

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I personally love Feren:TG. It's a high pace action packed game of keeping your Feren alive while giving it a chance to thrive and expand on its life.

I adore the cute little figurines as well, though I'm not sure the decision to make them out of cheese was such a good idea- I've already eaten a dozen figures! Good thing Ferens are available in the blister expansion packs. Whew!

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A game where the pieces are made of cheese? I've got to learn more! Is there web page where I can learn more of this amazing game? I guess it's a good thing they didn't make them out of mint right Flinthoof?

Horou Wholf
Furry Peace!

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Back in the late 80's, before I heard about Furries or fandom, I used to play an RPG named GammaWorld. It was a cheesey post-apocalyptic game, but it had as its three character types, "Pure Strain Humans", "Mutated Humans", and "Mutated Animal."

I can't even count now how many anthro panthers, wolves, falcons, etc I played. Hell, I even wrote up a program designed to roll me up various feline, canine and avian characters, with mutation sets, etc, so I could run up a bunch, then look through them for interesting characters.

In retrospect, it was a cheesy game, but in my old role playing years, it holds a special place in my memory.

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