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'Rage' CCG Call of the Sea block leads with Chulorviah deck

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'Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Rage': KliegAs Werewolf: The Apocalypse celebrates its 20th anniversary, fans of its spinoff collectible card game, Rage, are still producing free print and play sets featuring art from many awesome furry artists.

Call of the Sea brings the battle for the ocean to the Rage CCG. It kicks off with the Chulorviah deck, featuring mind-controlling parasitic cephalopods. The block includes three semi-constructed decks and a combat set. The combat deck and Chulorviah deck are available for download, or you can get the Rage plugin for Lackey and play online. The Rokea (sharks) and Sea Dogs (werewolf pirates) decks will be released later this year.

This is a perfect jumping-off point if you’re new to Rage. Download and print the deck, and with a few minor tweaks to construction, you’re ready to go – or dust off your old Rage collection and use it with the original cards. They are fully compatible.

Werewolf: How a parlour game became a tech phenomenon

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A recent feature in Wired looks at party game Werewolf/Mafia, and covers a session with Chicago Googler Brian Fitzpatrick, O'Reilly author Rich Gibson, and Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales:

"I was sure of only three things," Wales remembers. "One, I was not a werewolf. Two, one of these bastards was an amazing liar. And three, the other guy was a total moron. I just couldn't figure out which was which."

The piece includes interviews with game inventors Dimma Davidoff and Andrew Plotkin.

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