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ANTHRO #28 is online

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Issue 28 of Anthro is online for your reading pleasure. This issue is dedicated to the memory of Michael W. Bard, a regular contributor who served, at various times, as the 'zine's co-editor; columnist; and occasional reviewer. The cover image, Silvermane Maintenance by Cuprohastes, incorporates two of Bard's favorite motifs -- science fiction, and anthropomorphic equines -- and the issue's editorial is devoted to Bard.

The rest of this issue's contents include stories by Billymorph, Corvus & ShadowWolf, Phil Geusz, Bill ‘Hafoc’ Rogers, and Carmen Welsh; the third installment of Michael Bergey's novel New Coyote; an interview with WikiFur's Laurence ‘GreenReaper’ Parry; and a variety of other high-quality anthropomorphic material.


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