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2009 Ursa Major Award winners

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The winners of the 2009 Ursa Major Awards, announced this weekend at FA: United 2010:

Blotch's 'Out of Position'

Read on for the full list of nominees . . .

Best Comic Strip

Best Game

Best Graphic Story (with continuous story arcs)

Best Magazine

Best Motion Picture

Best Novel

Best Other Literary Work

Best Published Illustration

Best Short Fiction

Best Short Subject or Series


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YES! Way to go Housepets!

Grats to Concession also. It's quite the dramatic comic.

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Concession also covered the awards ceremony (though for the record, I'm not an ALAA committee member).

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Avatar. AVATAR. AVA-freaking-TAR.

Okay, I'm leaving the fandom for, like, two hours, but I'm seriously not a furry for those two hours.

-crossaffliction being too lazy to log in

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Oh thank god I'm not the only one with that reaction >>;;

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Congrats to all the winners :) Special shout out to Kyell Gold, an amazing Guest of Honour for us at Feral! last year :) Dag yo!

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Congratulations for all the winners! :)

Just published in Portuguese to spread to the world!

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I can't believe The Penguins of Madagascar won over the frickin' Cat Piano....

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Penguins of Madagascar has lemurs and is therefore awesome.

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Frankly, I'm stunned that neither LACKADAISY nor DOC RAT shut out the competition in their respective categories.

Well, it is what it is, I suppose...

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Doc What? ;-)

It looks kinda like Kevin and Kell. Not bad. Could do with more colour - I appreciate the importance of good inking, but black and white seems so 80s. Hopefully the fact that it got this far will bring it more fans.

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I would expect that the lack of color is likely due to the artist's lack of time to engage in actually coloring it, given that he actually IS a General Practitioner in Australia. I'm genuinely surprised he can manage to crank out a five-day weekly strip at all, given the demands of a medical practice.

I don't understand the 'so 80's' comment or the apparent bias against B&W strips. Good art is good art, regardless, and Black & White has its own aesthetic.

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I agree. It's an impressive accomplishment given the circumstances.

As for colour, what can I say? It's like black and white films - I can intellectually understand the skill involved, and I've seen a few particularly impressive works, but on the whole they're just not as attractive to me.

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Of course, the real question is whether Kyell has room above his mantelpiece for another two-and-a-half Ursas . . .

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The response is the same every year, so I just gonna copy and paste it.

I can't believe Ursa Major Winner Here won, I will now Action done under extreme emotional duress here about it.
Seriously how could they have chosen Ursa Major Winner Here over Ursa Major Nominee Here . Seriously, furry's become too popular, people are going along with the Animal reference to huddling masses here . It's just An adjective that depicts stupidity here .

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Oh crap I forgot to fill in the blanks.

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And so, therefore, any and all criticism is invalid? Granted that not everyone is going to be pleased regardless of who wins, but does that mean that EVERY complaint or objection made is nothing more than a pointless whine?

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The above does not depict criticism as I am familiar with it. It depicts complaining.

There is a difference.

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Ah. My mistake. I presumed you were dismissing ALL such responses as complaints.

So. Which, then, of the previous comments WERE you responding to as a complaint?

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That was its own comment, not meant as a response to anything here.

The misplaced comment was the just me trying to add something to this thread and accidentally making a new thread.

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I like this post, saves me time as all I need to say now is Avatar. :D

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Misplace comment is misplaced...

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I’m just saying The Cat Piano was an artistic endeavor, while Penguins is just a cheap spin-off of a big, money-making movie. imho

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The same observation could be made pretty much up and down the board through most of the other winners. It still comes down to the same result: the voters have spoken.

Of course, it also says that maybe it's time for a new and different award system, something more akin to Science Fiction's NEBULA awards, where the nominations and winners are decided by a board of interested and knowledgeable volunteers instead of by the fans. But good luck on getting anybody aboard on that idea.

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Especaially in furry where they everyone want equal representation and people resent even smelling anyone putting themselves on a pedestal.

I mean we all know what happened recently when a certain furry said something was more substantial to the fandom. Same thing would happen to that award, same complaints would happen, only they'd probably be more numerous.

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