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Video: Fursuiters in Engadget Halloween costume event

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A pair of fursuiters invaded the Engadget Halloween costume competition earlier today; one even made it to the final five. [SlyCat/furrymedia]

"You're not really in costume, are you . . . this is like, your daily outfit."
Josh (to Dreamwolf)

Engadget is not known for furry coverage, although it did post an animatronic tail last year. But some furs were in the audience during the the 14th Engadget show: Esopus the Dragon and Dreamwolf (as Bajacu).

At first, it seemed the fursuiters would be denied entry to the final, along with the Scarecrow, Richard Nixon, and Random Black Guy from GTA. But the audience would not let Bajacu go — although they did mistake him for a fox.

While first place was taken by a zombie, every competitor went home with a prize.


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I think Bajacu was the best. But i think I'm biased.

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He totally got the most applause..

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"...This is like your daily outfit."


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