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PayPal micropayments offer new options for artists

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Artists looking to cut transaction costs might consider PayPal's new micropayments.

Fees are 5% + $0.05, compared to 2.9% + $0.30 for a normal Premier/Business account.

Cost Micro Normal
$2 15¢ 36¢
$5 30¢ 45¢
$10 55¢ 59¢
$15 80¢ 74¢

The difference on ten $5 transactions would be $1.50 – enough for a McDouble with tax.

The break-even point is $12, which costs 65¢ in both systems. Those wishing for the best of both worlds should create a new micropayments account, and direct larger and cross-border transactions to their existing account.

The new system is reportedly being adopted by Facebook, and Ustream.


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Don't forget that Paypal does not allow transactions for Adult Material. That includes art commissions. If you get caught, they can freeze your account and your money. is one alternative that allows transactions for Adult Material.

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Or you can use personal payment through paypal and pay no fees. /article

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That tends not to work so well for customers who want a refund.

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