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2 Gryphon poisioned while on London trip

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2, the Ranting Gryphon, recently poisoned while on a trip to London.

As most of you folks out there will probably know by now, one 2 Gryphon was near-fatally poisoned following a London furmeet at the weekend just passed.

A suspected pair of shots – spiked with significantly higher levels of alcohol – were downed by the well-known comedian, which he claims "is the last thing I remember about the evening". He was later found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.41; 0.40 is the amount required to reach "LD50" – or a greater than 50% chance of death.

2 was looked over by the police and ambulance services on the night and spent most of the next day recovering. In his blog he noted that it was his compulsive alcoholism that probably got him into trouble, however his extreme tolerance to the drink is probably what stopped him dying.

He finished with a warning to others; the furry fandom isn’t all cuddles and fluff, there’s a dark side too:

Yes, whoever did this is a douchbag. But a good part of what happened is MY fault. I was being a dumbass. I was accepting drinks from people I didn’t know and I was leaving my drinks unattended, open for anyone to do anything to them. I fell into the mistake of being too trusting to people I didn’t know. This isn’t the fandom that it used to be. It’s a mistake to simply trust someone who calls themself a fur these days. Furries can be just as mean, hateful and cruel as anyone else. And I think this is an important thing to remember."


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