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Roo v 2: The Furry Fracas (No one asked for)

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Two furry Youtubers, 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Tantroo McNally, find themselves in a poignant brouhaha. It all started in mid-February when an infamous furry comedian made a statement on hate crime statistics, and would lead to a long winded discussion of righteous condemnation that left audiences in awe at how two angry old men could find literally nothing better to do with their time.


In response to the tweet, World in Rooview did a video discussing the statistics of hate crime. It’s a bit long at 27 minutes. So in summary, the main point of the video was that the number of hate crimes was a smaller sample set then those of the pool deaths. The Southern Poverty Law center statistic covered only a handful of major metropolitan areas where as the pool death covered the entire continental United States. That statistic, from 2016 FBI findings, was around 6,100 hate crime incidents.

Um, Actually...

2’s response, also running long at 22 minutes, conceded the sample size issue. However he also decided to change his numbers to also only include the apples to apples of only the death statistics. Resulting in him indicating that “hate crime deaths are less likely than being struck by lightning”, placing the number at 7.

The Main Event

With tensions running hot, the fandom audience demanded that these two get together and resolve these differences; or crack each other skulls they didn’t seem to care which. One convention attending fursuiter was quoted as saying:

“Who? I’m late for my trials to the furry dance competition right now, can it wait?”

But wait it could not. As the long awaited video where the two would but heads was finally released! Many are saying the the discussions that were beheld could have solved some of the most hard pressing social political conflicts of our time in the furry fandom, all in such a short and condensed run time.

People wonder if at the end of the earth shattering interview if the Gryphon will return to living out the remainder of his days a monk in a monastery, originally reported by Flayrah in early April of 2009.

In the End, does it even matter?

Perhaps, in the end, what the Gryphon was trying to convey was: “Go out and enjoy life to its fullest instead of obsessing over numbers and if bad things will happen to you or not. We will all die and become a statistic in some regard, so don’t worry about the end, instead live in the now as you are.”

If only we as a species had a grasp of language, we could state such philosophies without including historical and statistical items that would distract us from the point. That if we just cut to it, it would save our audience hours of time and also not make us seem dismissive of the situations around those historical events and statistics?


For what are we but a species of fools bumbling about to reach the conclusions through collective errors we make and discovering how to fix them. And perhaps when we realize this, and embrace that we all play the fool in some regard, then that we as a species can be risen from the dirt we find ourselves in. It'll just take an embrace those foolish stumbles rather than sweeping them under the rug in shame.

Happy April Fools Day and Easter Sunday!


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It should also be noted, for anyone who did go through the whole swath of videos and articles in this article.

Mr. Gryphon's whole video hinges on the magical number of 7 being the number of deaths caused by hate crime. However where he got the number from is a mystery to me, because the article which talked about is quoted as saying:


The year was one of the deadliest for victims of hate crimes in more than a decade. At least 12 people were killed in nine separate suspected hate crimes, according to an unofficial tally by the San Bernardino center, although Levin stressed the actual number could turn out to be much higher.

The FBI reported five hate crime killings in 2016 and 19 in 2015, when white supremacist Dylann Roof murdered nine black worshippers at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The victims of the 2017 murders included four blacks, three whites, three Middle Easterners/Muslims, one gay man, and one transgender person.

Levin said there was “an alarming increase” in fatal attacks on transgender people. The rights group Human Rights Campaign noted a record 28 transgender murders in 2017, but only one has been labeled a hate crime.


It even had an info graphic showing 5 deaths by gun, 5 by knife, and 2 by car.

In the above section the number 7 doesn't even exist for any prior year. We have the numbers 19 in 2015, 5 in 2016, and 12 in 2017. So I am scratching my head as to where that number even came from.

I mean sure, it may not be frequent, and it's just as likely as getting struck by lightning. But the reason people getting struck by lighting is so low is we take precautions to prevent it. We go in our house, get off plugged in electronic devices, don't stand under trees. That statistic would go up if, say, everyone climbed atop a utility pole and held a golf club to the sky during a lightning storm.

So with hate crimes, I think many people found it concerning that electing a president who seems to promote behaviors in our social discourse that will not help keep the numbers at a low bar, which is why there has been an increase, even if it's still not highly frequent. People want to keep it that way.

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Man, shut up fool, didn't you even read the article? You're not getting the point dude!

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Actually, I did read the article, I'm just saying it is quite odd that the Gryphon called the kangaroo guy cute when he compared him to the brick that holds up the trailer. That's quite a strange fetish isn't it?

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Damn it man, don't kink shame people. You know I've about had it with the judgmental eyes of the real world. The Tantroo guy is clearly part of a cult, and people should do as 2 tells them to and to call the number at the end of his video. Even though the guy I hear is a loser who spends his time chilling in his home consuming internet content like a crack fiend.

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Well Tantroo's probably only well received on Flayrah because he didn't ever challenge the beauty and elegance of the film Alpha and Omega. The others on this site, minus one, don't see this as the magnum opus furry film. Zootopia can eat a big bag of knotted phalli.

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You take that back!

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The "angry old men" line just had me in stitches because it just shows... the author has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

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You realize the date today , right?

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I wish furries would go back to ruining the fandom with fursuit sex. m

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You should petition Youtube to allow that kind of content, would probably be less obscene for sure.

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Man that was an epic battle... all I did was tweet about buying the media company.

Also this, it's not so light hearted, but enjoy.

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I'm confused. What's the purpose of these discussions?

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Who wins? None of us.

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Having listened to 2, I thing the only error was using a red herring. He could have stuck with low number murdered classified hate crime. I confess I have a problem with hate crime designation because are most murders hate crimes and as evil? (now I might have missed if the static used gone beyond deaths)

Still I would say you are right but I go further to say the entire Fracas of attempting to associate Alt-Right and Alt Furry and Furry raiders with Neo-nazis from RMFC and beyond. I would say the current fracas is more disruptive than the Neo Nazism who really do not want anything to do with the fandom. One can see the difference by a simple search of alt-fur and Furry Raiders and compare them to real white supremacist postings that widely available from Alt Right, Stormfront, Daily Caller, and Andrew Anglin.

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That is ... that is just not what a "red herring" is.

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Your right I meant to delete that line.

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Happy Easter, Acton

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